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ARSWin-Net is multi user advanced attendance recording software and supports MS SQL and Oracle database. It is a comprehensive attendance MIS software such that it takes care of complex HR policies of varied types of organisation in a simplified and extremely user friendly manner with an excellent GUI. It is suitably supported with a fully integrated web based application for various input entries for online application and sanctioning. It facilitates centralised attendance recording across all the locations for single point payroll generation, with decentralised usage rights assigned to respective branch. It offers wide flexibility, easy accessibility with complete control over operations.


  • Multi user operations with full control and suitable usage rights assignment
  • Comprehensive policy setups for attendance, leave, overtime and late/early
  • Spread sheet style of viewing allows flexible and convenient day to day operations
  • Paperless office environment with online application and sanctioning
  • Facilitates centralised attendance recording & payroll processing across the company for all locations
  • Customisation facility for specific requirement and tailor made solutions


  • Multiple companies, locations, department and shift support
  • Multi user operations with multi level security
  • Flexibility to assign module wise rights to facilitate better control
  • User defined policy setup to configure various parameters and set of rules viz; attendance, overtime, leave, late/early etc.
  • Employee grouping facility at the time of defining various policy set ups
  • Complete leave accounting with user definable leave types e.g. CL, PL, SL etc.
  • Spread sheet style GUI to allow multiple selection for extremely convenient day to day usage
  • Sound in built logics to adequately take care of varied requirement associated with attendance recording e.g.
    • Night shift handling (across the day shift)
    • Erratic shift schedule e.g. where employee comes in any shift without prior intimation of schedule
    • Shift rotation (Auto shift change)
    • Other criteria related with working hours and overtime calculations
  • Department, category, grade, designation wise report generation with more than 70 useful MIS reports
  • Re-processing of attendance punches to automatically identify correct shift
  • Attendance data can be exported in MS excel for convenient operation and working
  • Event and error log details for subsequent audit trail
  • Payroll connectivity with user selected fields
  • Complete facility of backup and restore
  • Backup can be taken from any place in the network, auto prompt for back up
  • Web based module features
    • Web based work flow for decentralised applications and sanctioning
    • Display of attendance card for the logged in employee with full details
    • Separate employee login and managerial login facility
    • Employee hierarchy database up to five levels
    • Application and sanctioning for leave, tour, OD, OT, Coff, Late/early etc.
    • User defined reasons for late coming & early going

Minimum System Requirement

  • Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor
  • Windows 2000 OS
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free hard disk space
  • 800 x 600 minimum display resolution
  • MS SQL/ ORACLE server Database
  • IIS Server


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