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Fire Alaram System


The Cooper CF1100/CF1200 range of analogue fire detection panels are available as 1 and 2-loop configured panels. They provide sophisticated 'touch screen' functionality yet achieve a simple end user interface operation within a compact panel design.

The CF110/CF1200 range of panels provide a large (120mm x 90mm) touch screen display as the main user element, eliminating the need for dedicated system push buttons. the user interface is menu-driven, automatically reconfiguring to suit the chose menu option. To enable text updates directly at the panel, the display converts to a full QWERTY keyboard, enabling comprehensive text insertion.

The panel also has 16 Zone fire LEDs providing additional information about the extent of any fire activation as well as a comprehensive set of system status LEDs providing additional visual information for the end user.

The CF1100/CF1200 range supports a complex cause and effect programming ability which, together with a wide range of user controllable functions, makes the panel suitable for a wide range of projects.

As with all Cooper analogue panels the CF1100/CF1200 range uses ‘spur tolerant’ soft addressing thereby minimizing installation time and removing the potential for errors often associated with other forms of system addressing.

As with the entire range of Cooper analogue panels, the CF1100/CF1200 range of panel system components have been specifically designed to operate as part of an integrated system; this provides an assurance that the panel, sensors, interfaces and other ancillaries are all fully compatible with each other and that the full range of system functionally is supported by each device.


  • Large versatile touch screen display
  • 1 and 2-loop panel versions
  • Spur tolerant soft addressing
  • Short circuit isolators incorporated into every loop device
  • Up to 200 addresses per loop
  • Network capable with F3000 and CF2000 range fully monitored up to 127 panels
  • Large selection of compatible ancillaries
  • Compliant to EN54 parts 2 & 4

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